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Heavenly Days

Springtime and church festival in Copenhagen during ascension weekend 5th-8th May brought 30,000 participants out in the streets.

Opening show. Photo: Sille Arendt, Diocese of Copenhagen

For the first time, the Danish Church Days took place in Copenhagen. The event has travelled the country every third year since 1968 and landing in the capital it took the opportunity to change the name and form to match being church in the city. And it worked! 
The large church- and culture festival had an estimated 30,000 participants who took part in the more than 400 events of every variety.

Almost 3,000 people were gathered for one of the three opening services on Thursday the 5th of May. 400 visited the marathon singing event on Saturday. Church was present and visible all over the city centre.

Organisers: More than expected
“Thanks to the people of Copenhagen for receiving Heavenly Days so well! We have seen conversation and curiosity in every part of the program. Since we started planning this years’ Danish Church Days, we intended to create open and including events for all persons with an interest in religion, church and the role of religion in the Danish society. We are proud to see that it proved to be even more successful than expected,” Bitten Schjødt Kjær, chairperson of Danish Church Days says to Church in Copenhagen News.

Church meeting in the Danish Lutheran Church
The Danish Lutheran Church, Folkekirken, had its first church meeting ever during Heavenly Days. The meeting was an informal gathering which took up some of the major questions the church in Denmark is facing right now: The challenge of globalisation, decreasing numbers of baptisms, how to organise the church locally etc. More than 300 people left the sunny streets to join this meeting in the university’s old ceremonial hall.

See you in 2019
The next Danish Church Days will take place in 2019 in the town of Herning and will bear the name “Heavenly Days on the Heath”. 

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By Rebekka Højmark Svenningsen