Elections in parish councils are mostly uncontested

Only few elections to parish councils… Læs mere

Copenhagen to build new church

New church in Sydhavnen… Læs mere

New minister for ecclesiastical affairs 

New cabinet and new minister for ecclesiastical affairs… Læs mere

Heavenly Days

Springtime and church festival in Copenhagen during ascension weekend 5th-8th May brought 30,000 participants out in the streets.… Læs mere

Iranian refugees convert to Christianity

Survey reveals an increase in baptisms among asylum seekers in Denmark.… Læs mere

Human Rights or national security

A TV documentary reveals radical preaching in mosques. The government responds by changing the laws concerning religious preaching.… Læs mere

Danish appeal for renewed ecumenical focus on the future of European churches

Atheist campaign urges to quit church membership

The number of people leaving the church approaches the numbers in 2012 during the same sex marriage discussions. … Læs mere

Easter 2016 #forgive #happyeaster

Bishops want to take Easter back to the church through new language and meaningful conversation… Læs mere

New report reveals growth in church-school relations

The first “church school service” started in 1992. Now 80 % of the country is covered by the initiative.… Læs mere

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