Growing number of migrants and refugees are joining the church

Refugees state that an important incentive to join ELCD is to feel part of the social and national community… Læs mere

New bill concerning faith-based communities

Government is expected to present a new bill proposal this autumn… Læs mere

Drop-in baptisms are a success

Today, baptism is an individual project… Læs mere

Protection of religious minorities is a priority of the government

Christians and other religious minorities are under duress in many parts of the world – not least the Middle East and North Africa, says foreign minister Samuelsen… Læs mere

How many are actually leaving the Church?

A deeper look at the numbers… Læs mere

Annual ELCD meeting  

What's it like to be church in the city? That was a central theme at this year's ELCD meeting… Læs mere

Christian cultural heritage part of new Danish canon

National online survey about danish values … Læs mere

New special committee on liturgy

Getting an overview of the rich liturgical variety in the church… Læs mere

Focus on baptisms in light of recent decline

ELCD trying to turn the tide with awareness-raising events about baptisms… Læs mere

Elections in parish councils are mostly uncontested

Only few elections to parish councils… Læs mere

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